How to create an inviting guest bedroom at the cottage

If you're lucky enough to have a cottage you most likely also have an unlimited number of guests as well - invited or not! Want to create a guest experience that will make them feel comfortable and relaxed? Refresh a bedroom with just a few tweaks and you'll be the most popular host in your circle. Unless perhaps you'd like your guests to make their stays short ones! 

How to Create an Inviting Guest Bedroom

These simple preparations work at the guest room in your cottage or your home. Even if you don't have a spare room to use for guests, you can carve out a dedicated area to make them feel welcome - perhaps a corner of the living room or the kid's room while the littles sleep with you?  Regardless, these principles will help you create a memorable guest experience.

First, keep it clean and simple, with no personal things or family photos. Paint the walls a light neutral and add colour with a few accessories - a neutral room is calming and welcoming, no matter what your personal preference. Think about your guests and their needs. How many will need to stay in the room at one time? Are there kids? How long do they typically stay? Will they have much clothing to unpack and put away?


1. A comfy bed (or two if kids are part of the equation) with crisp white sheets, a lightweight blanket, and a duvet or quilt. Have extra blankets and pillows on display on shelving or on top of a hutch or armoire. If you don't have an extra bedroom or bed in the house, invest in single mattress and iron bedstand, and set it up as a daybed for use as a sitting space in a main area of the cottage. 

2. Some sort of night stand (could be a thrifted side table, a stack of books or even a chair or stump) that houses a lamp for reading and a glass for water.  Have a few books or magazines here as well.  

3. A power bar and extra cords for recharging phones and tablets, and your wifi password written on a welcome note in the room. 

4. A fan if the room is hot. 

5. A bench or chair to lay clothes on. You might also install some hooks to casually sling up towels or shirts, as well as some empty hangers in the closet if there is one.  

6. A dresser or table surface with a pretty tray or bowl to hold jewellery. Hang a mirror above to make prepping for the day easy. 

7. A basket filled with necessities such as towels and facecloths, a new soap bar, a toothbrush & paste, slippers, sunscreen, insect repellant, and tissues.

8. A mat beside the bed. It doesn't have to be an expensive one, just something so that your guests' tootsies don't touch a cold floor in the morning. 

9. Fresh flowers are always a nice touch. Even better, flowers or branches or something natural from your own property. 

Here are some beautiful and simple cottage guest bedrooms for inspiration (click on photo for source).

Kelly Anderson

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