Essentialism at Home: Living by Design, Not by Default

My philosophy and style for home and life is Essentialism. It comes from the eye-opening book, Essentialism, by Greg McKeown that helped change the way I do things at work and in my calendar, and that I also adopted for home as well. 

I've always been a simplifier, but I'm not a minimalist - I like the comforts of

An Avowal for Busy Times

It's funny how we think we're the only ones dealing with overwhelm and busyness isn't it? I got a reminder this week that we're not alone and we're not the first generation to struggle with being busy, nor to find solutions.

My mom was combing through a box of old photos and clippings that belonged to my great-aunt Mary, who remained single throughout her life and lived what everyone presumed to be a peaceful life in an upstairs apartment of the home my Mom and her family lived in when my Mom was a kid. Inside this box was 

Six Ways to Simplify September

Oh sweet September, my favourite month. I love the crisp air, the colour in the trees, and that old back-to-school feeling of a fresh start and new year. It's a lovely month. But it's also a busy month for many, with work jumping back to high gear after summer holidays, kids off to school, and lunches to be made once again. It's easy to get overwhelmed and distracted from enjoying the beauty of September. 

The importance of a tech charging station

Phone and tech charging stations have become a must for our homes. Technology is a prominent part of our lives, and so we need to dedicate a piece of our home to it.  But not just to keep them safe and charged, to also keep us sane and healthy.

We live in a fast, wired, busy, distracted society for most hours of the day. So when we're home, we need to

Designing a Productive Workspace

I was asked today what I have in my home office that keeps me inspired and productive. It's a great question because since moving into my new apartment four months ago I've physically moved my workspace around at least five times. For me, it has to feel right, be comfortable and functional, and only after those things are accomplished, be beautiful. 

How to Get Your Projects Done

We seem to put a lot on our plates these days, both at work and at home. You're probably feeling the pinch and it seems like some of your projects are dragging on forever, yet you can't squeeze in even an hour a day to finish them. Or you do, but an hour just doesn't cut it, and it seems like you'll never get it done.

But are you being effective and truly productive with your time? Or, like most of us,