The Top Easy-to-Grow Air Purifying Houseplants

I’m a big fan of indoor plants - they add life to a space, they increase oxygen levels in your home and they remove harmful chemicals and toxins. They are also very grounding and calming, inherently connecting us daily to the Source. Bringing Mother Nature inside is good for our minds, bodies and souls. 

Why Decluttering Will Help You Thrive

I'm sure you already know that decluttering can reap positive benefits at home - it makes more space, it means less to clean and it feels calmer and more peaceful. But the benefits to you go much further than that.

A decluttered and organized home allows you to thrive. Seriously. The environments you spend time in play a huge role in how healthy you are, how productive, how effective, and how successful. The things we have around us really do have a big impact on our lives. 

How a Calm Environment Can Help You Achieve Your Goals This Year

The beginning of a new year is a great time for renewal and a fresh start. It's when we often set big goals and make lifestyle changes that we hope will become new habits. In reality, though, every day - even every moment - is a fresh start, and we can choose to live well and reach new heights at any time.One key to successfully reaching our goals is to be mindfully present, instead of continually either rehashing the past or worrying about the future. Practicing mindfulness is hugely helpful in being purposeful and not getting

How to Finish a Room by Adding Layers, Not Clutter

After putting lots of work into painting a room, arranging furniture and decluttering to make more space, finishing a room so that it feels warm, welcoming and personal can be a daunting task. The trick is to layer in texture (for warmth and interest) and meaning (for inspiration and joy). 

But adding layers doesn't equal adding clutter back into a room. Minimalist and essentialist spaces can successfully be layered and feel comfortable and "finished" without a lot of "stuff."

How White Walls at Home Can Create White Space in Life

Just last month the river valleys where I live on the East Coast of Canada were alive with colour - colour so vivid it hit me like a magnificent wave and stopped my mind from its incessant thinking. It was peak season for autumn leaves and the maples, oaks and birches were putting on a show unmatched by any other. My eyes were glued to this masterpiece, and it slowed me down and made me feel a part of something larger, something much grander and magnificent than me.

Simplify the holidays by buying less but giving more

When did the spirit of the holidays go from sharing and celebrating together to buying and entertaining and doing a million things at once? Christmas has in many ways become a very commercial endeavour. We seem to buy trinkets and decorations and clothing and the latest technology just because it feels like it's expected or its a great deal. It takes an enormous toll on our wallets, our sanity and on the planet.