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Refreshed Designs offers coaching, courses & e-design to help you strategically create a home environment that will support you in living simply, peacefully and productively.

Hi, I'm Kelly Anderson,

 Kelly Anderson, interior design and simple living coach at Refreshed Designs   

an interior design coach helping people create spaces that enable living a simple, healthy and natural life, all while deeply respecting nature and our planet.

Throughout my 20's and 30's, I  climbed the corporate ladder in jobs that took me from one end of Canada to the other, and I moved into and out of more houses and apartments than I care to count, accumulating lots of 'stuff' along the way. I drifted from one opportunity to the next and was grateful for every blessing that came my way, but still felt like something was missing. And because of that I experienced episodes of depression and anxiety, which led to weight struggles and other health problems. I wasn't living intentionally, nor was my life fully aligned with my values and passions. 

When I hit 40, I decided to slow down and make small, gradual shifts in how I live. I began to eat a plant-based diet, switched to natural and organic beauty and home products, grew spiritually, took up meditation and yoga, and adopted an 'Essentialist' approach to home and life. I also balanced work with play by taking weekend courses to learn new things like interior design, organization, photography, sustainability and entrepreneurship.

I eventually quit the 9-5 race to move back to the small town where I grew up and where family and friends surround me. Now I'm building a business that serves others and that's meaningful to both me and the greater good.

It's pretty awesome. 

Want to join me in pursuing a more natural and simple life with intention?

Here's how I can help:

The Blog

The Refreshed Designs blog is a treasure trove of ideas, tutorials, sources & solutions to simplify living and the spaces we do it in. There are almost 400 posts to help you find balance in all areas of your life: home, work, health, and of course, design. Start here to find ideas and inspiration. 

The Newsletter

I send 2-4 emails per month to my subscribers with exclusive content for designing their homes simply and beautifully. I share ideas, sources, design boards and promotions on courses and services. Don't miss out. 

7-Day Simplicity Challenge

If you need a jump start on gaining more control of your hectic lifestyle and chaotic home, start with my FREE 7-day challenge that will help you simplify and be more productive and organized at home and work. A simple email course that you can implement in just 10-30 minutes a day, this tool will dramatically impact your life for the better. 

1-Hour Design Coaching

You don't need an expensive designer to create a beautiful home. I offer coaching sessions that will quickly help you figure out how to simplify your home, give you the sources & instructions you need, and answer questions that are holding you back from creating a functional, inviting and comfortable space that you'll love to be in. 

The Calm Course

If you're serious about living a simpler, more intentional and productive life, you need to create an environment that will support you. The Calm Course will walk you through completely refreshing and simplifying your home and workspace so that you can thrive. 


My latest projects...

What clients are saying...

Angela McGibbon: Design Coaching & 1-Day Room Refresh

Kelly has been a great help to me as I try to update an old victorian home. I have years of history with the home and want totally fresh new looks without changing anything! Hahah -some how Kelly helped me find the balance and make a beautiful comfortable space that feels just right. Kelly helped me move things along at a pace that worked for me and acted as a sounding board while I talked through ideas. I am looking forward to many more projects with Kelly.

Paula Buyting: E-Fresh

Kelly was so fabulous to work with. She was quick to grasp my style and the goal I had in mind. She found the best prices for the décor pieces she recommended and was always available for quick questions throughout the transformation of my basement. Creating a Pinterest page for us to share was so helpful at visually putting things together. She utilized furniture pieces in my home I had no idea where or what to do with. Best of all, we have a family room filled with new and old décor that we all want to spend time in. I highly recommend Kelly.

Janis Blimkie: Design Coaching

I discovered Kelly through a good friend of mine who she had done work for when she was living in our area. I contacted Kelly and she was fabulous. We were able to connect and tackle my design problem for my front foyer and staircase window that I have been struggling with for many years. I was able to consult and communicate with Kelly via technology . She is very thoughtful and respectful of your budget and design limitations as well as adding subtle changes which cost nothing to redesign.  I am very pleased with the process. Excellent experience !

Linda Dudek: Design Coaching

I had such a wonderful experience with Kelly. She has an amazing eye and is extremely talented at her craft. She also managed to accommodate my budget concerns and found so many fabulous pieces for my spare bedroom which guests love staying in now. Please see before and after pictures. Kelly helps you hone in on your style, provides a floor plan, great furniture options and color recommendations at every price point and all at a reasonable rate. She listened to my style preferences and nailed it with each of her recommendations and I was so happy with her services I hired her to redo my master bedroom. I will certainly be using her for our decorating projects in the future and highly recommend you do too. Thank you Kelly!

Shannon & Mitchell McMaster: E-Fresh

Kelly was fantastic to work with. She came to our 1940s bungalow to meet with my partner and I about refreshing the spaces on our main floor - including the bathroom, kitchen, hallway and living room. Kelly had amazing ideas in terms of paint colours that would refresh and open the small spaces we had to work with, as well as what pieces (furniture, tables, cushions, décor) we could add to make the spaces more comfortable. What was amazing was her ease with working with our small budget and incorporating pieces we already had and re-purposing them like new. After an initial consult, a shopping trip, some paint and another consult we found ourselves in the home of our dreams and could not have been happier with the result, thanks to Kelly at Refreshed Designs. We love our living spaces now!

Janet Mackey: Design Coaching

Kelly  was just what we needed. She managed to see the potential of our little space and odd sort of items we treasured, to make them work again after many years of just being "put there". She was 'spot-on' with colour to link everything and 'refreshed' our home beautifully. Her fees are absolutely reasonable and I will be hiring her again when we move to the next stage of the renewal of our small home.

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I love to write. Especially about simple, natural living, home design and wellness. 

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