23 October 2014

trend to try: mixing design styles

Gone are the days of matchy-matchy decorating and perfect, on-trend spaces. Seems like homeowners and designers alike have embraced the eclectic look of making a home comfortable by mixing styles and furnishings. This is great news for those who care about sustainability while decorating - it means that vintage decor, repurposed and re-painted furniture, wood plank walls, and glam accessories can easily fit together to create a lovely and homey space that is "on trend."

trend, eclectic, mixing styles at home, rustic glam
While layering different styles makes a home interesting and can save big bucks in the decorating budget, do keep in mind just a few simple tips:

First, have a common element - like colour or scale of furnishings. For example, if you have lots of colourful items in the room, think about using white as your backdrop. (You know I'm always going to advocate for white walls, right?) 

how to mix design styles
Second, make sure to spread the styles around, hence the word "mix"! Don't have only one room in the house, or worse, only one half of a room, completely traditional and the rest completely modern. Seems obvious but make sure to step back and survey the space to make sure you've weaved the elements together.  

eclectic home office, natural glam,
And finally, mix with balance and harmony; the room should feel naturally and organically pulled together. So that means you don't have to have an equal mix of different styles. Perhaps you have only two traditional chairs in an otherwise rustic room- but they are not situated together- they are in different spots and therefore provide continuity, not uneasiess. 

modern rustic kitchen, loft, mixed design
modern traditional bathroom; mixed style bathroom
mixed style bedroom, rustic glam,

What do you think - do you embrace the loveliness of imperfection and mixing styles?

20 October 2014

get your entryway ready for winter

Yep, I did it. I said the W word again. Sorry about that. It turned a bit chilly here this weekend and I had to dig around to find some gloves to wear on a walk around the neighborhood. Which then led me to searching for a pretty way to store scarves and gloves  where they are easily accessible in my small entryway.

entryway organization, winter scarf and mitt storage

My solution is a large antique wooden butter bowl. Adds some interest and an organic vibe, don't you think? I also had to bring in the patio herbs, and this rosemary greets me with a subtle and lovely fragrance every time I come home.

winter mudroom, winter entryway, entryway organization

Check out this previous post for more inspriation and tips on winterizing your entryway.

Have you started winterizing your home yet?

17 October 2014

weekend wandering: the island of Menorca, Spain

As we head into the dreaded "W" season here in Canada, I'm wishing I could replicate a home like this one to hibernate in and escape the dreary cold.

Spanish coastal home design

OK, so maybe I can't mimic a stunning view like this, but there are some smart elements in this design that can be applied to homes anywhere to create a serene and uplifting environment.

coastal home decorating

A backdrop of all white walls and netural flooring sets the stage to introduce a few colourful and personalized rugs and other textiles, which can easily and sustainably be changed up when the mood strikes.

minimal and natural home design

Wooden doors and window frames will always be in style, and lend character and strength to a home, even though they are quite simple in design.

natural Spanish coastal bathroom

Natural decor and furnishings like wood stumps as stools and tables, and oversized branches as art not only bring an organic and soothing feel inside, they also help reduce consumerism.

white walls, simple bedroom

High ceilings and curved lines make the space feel light, airy and interesting, making it easier to pull off a soothing minimalistic style without feeling cold.

modern rustic home

Keeping an old stone fireplace and adding vintage accessories keeps costs low and also injects warmth to a modern space,

I'm going to keep this lovely Spanish home in mind when renovating my next project. Or perhaps I'll just move to coastal Spain. Happy weekend dreaming everyone.

14 October 2014

real life colour: fall harvest

Hope all my fellow Canadians had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend. Did your table have heaps of vivid colour from the farmer's market? This swiss chard was so fresh and magnificent it was almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

swiss chard colour