How to Design an Eco-friendly Bathroom

Are you planning a bathroom refresh? Have you thought about including upgraded fixtures and other elements that will make your bathroom sustainable and eco-friendly? This is a room that can make a significant impact on the health of the planet, not to mention our own health, so be sure to keep water-efficiency and low impact materials in mind. I promise you'll feel better all around. 


How to design an eco-friendly bathroom

Here are the key elements to consider including when designing (or redesigning) an eco-friendly bathroom. 

how to design and eco-friendly bathroom

1. Amercian Standard Water wise Boulevard Widespread Faucet. If there is one thing to splurge on for looks in the bathroom, its the faucet. It's something can fit most budgets and makes a huge difference in the feel of the room. And if you're going to upgrade you may as well choose one that's also water efficient. 

2. Naturesort Woven Bamboo Roman Shade through Wayfair. A natural fibre blind is not only a good idea for your health (no chemical toxins from plastic or polyester) but it also adds warmth and an earthy feel to a room that can sometimes feel cold and sterile. 

3. Detox Bath Salts from Mullein and Sparrow. What's better than an epsom salt bath? Storing the salts in a beautiful old-world glass jar to up the elegance factor in your bathroom. 

4. American Standard Times Square water saving showerhead and kit. This elegantly simple shower kit will save water and look stunning in your bathroom. 

5. Fable Naturals Cold Press Rosemary Mint soap. One of the best natural soaps I've tried - it smells wonderful and looks great stacked in big glass jars in your bathroom. 

6. American Standard H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush. This dual-action high-efficiency, low-consumption toilet won't break the bank and will help you save money and the planet in the long-run. 

7. Erthe line Modern Rustic Barn Board Rack. My own line of barn board racks add beautiful, natural function to any bath, if I do say so myself! 

8. Frae and Co. Small Modern Hanging Planter. Adding greenery to an eco-friendly and healthy bathroom is a must, and this concrete planter and hanger is perfect for saving space and looking oh-so-chic. 

9. Kassatex Fine Linen Shower Curtain through Amazon. I've blogged before (here) about switching your plastic shower curtains to a PEVA liner and natural material outer curtain. It's the first thing to do when creating a healthy, eco-friendly bathroom. Get toxins out and natural materials in! 

elements to an eco-friendly, healthy bathroom

Don't get overwhelmed when considering making your bathroom eco-friendly. If you're on a tight budget, start with something simple like switching your shower curtain and adding a plant. Then, swap your shower head to low-flow. The dual-flow toilet is a must when you need to upgrade, and as I said, splurging on a beautiful and water-efficient faucet and taps is a worthy investment. Check out this post on water conservation at home for more details. Good luck in building more sustainability into your home, and happy Earth Day! 

Note: This post is sponsored by American Standard, and I fully support these and the rest of the promoted products here, and would never write about them if I didn't fully endorse them. 

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