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If you want to Live simply, First Design Your home That way

You have the freedom to design, or redesign, your life so that you live intentionally and thrive. Our environments at home & work deeply affect our mood, energy, health, habits & productivity. They should support us & nourish us so we can live up to our best selves and purpose. That means making them sustainable, healthy, functional, organized & meaningful.

By subscribing to my Resource Den you'll have access to tons of e-guides, cheat-sheets and sources that will show you how to design your spaces and your lifestyle in the simplest possible way. You'll have access to this free library plus a coaching email from me every now and then with simple, actionable advice for your home and work spaces.


Here are just a few of the resources in the den...



Simple Colour Guide

Choosing colour for your home, especially when you have to work with existing finishes like flooring, cabinets and countertops, can be overwhelming. Let me simplify it for you. The colour guide walks you through an easy process to find the right colours for your home that will make it feel calm, relaxed and naturally serene. 



Peaceful & Productive Spaces Guide

If your home and/or office needs a refresh, here is where you should begin. The spaces we spend most of our time in should be set up to help us thrive - and that begins with allow us to function in a productive yet calm and peaceful way on a daily basis. This guide will show you how to refresh your home and work spaces to do just that. 



Natural Organic Home Sources, DIY's & Printables

Dramatically reduce the toxins in your home with simple switches to all-natural cleaners and air fresheners you make yourself. Plus find the best all-natural beauty products, toiletries and even furnishings with my DIY and source lists for a natural home.



Essentials Design Boards with Sources

Essentials Design Boards give you everything you need to create the room you want, including the click-through sources. No more spending days browsing for ideas and then finding all of the materials and furniture you need. It's right here.