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A Practical Guide to Spaces that Reduce Stress & Promote Productivity

Research has proven that our surroundings play a huge role in our health, mood, energy and productivity. Working in spaces that are not optimally designed for success can lead to chronic stress and less than stellar performance.

But with just a few easy hacks, your workspace can help you reduce stress, increase productivity and build good habits. 

If you're ready to get apply easy tweaks to your workspace and gain the benefits of a more productive and less stressed environment, this book is for you. 

You'll receive 12 pages of instructions, ideas and photos, including Feng Shui office do's and don'ts, best design practices, health hacks, and decluttering prompts. 

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A Simple Guide to a Naturally Healthy Home

We know now that our homes are filled with environmental toxins that can harm our health over time. But who has the time to figure out how to make the switch to a natural home or the money to do it? 

If you'd like to begin creating a more naturally healthy home without the hassle or a high cost, this book will make it easy. It will walk you through steps to switch to natural DIY cleaning products, to using essential oils, and to replacing your furniture and decor sustainably over time. 

This 27-page guide includes printable labels for cleaning and freshening formulas and a natural stain removal cheatsheet.

It's a complete manual for making the switch to a naturally healthy and sustainable home. 

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