1-Day Room Refresh


If you're in the Fredericton, NB area I'd be thrilled to come to your home or office to help you decorate, organize and simplify your space so you can live better - with less stress and more happiness.  

Here's what comes next...

1. Fill out the short form below with your contact info and details about your space needs.

2. I'll contact you to set up a time to visit your home for a half hour session to assess your needs and determine a plan with you. At that time we'll schedule a day (or two half-days) for me to return and do the work hand-in-hand with you. We'll arrange payment on this consultation visit. 

3. You'll complete any pre-work such as an painting that might need done, getting any furniture that will be used into the room, and finding any bins, baskets or organizing tools I'll suggest. 

3. I'll return to work with you for eight hours to get you organized, decluttered and living more beautifully. If further time is needed, we'll plan a second day and go from there. 

Name *
Tell me a little about your space and why it needs to be organized/decluttered.


Thanks so much for contacting me. I look forward to meeting and working with you.