Inspiring ways to use branches as decor

It's easy to forget sometimes that we humans are beings of nature. We evolved from and live as part of our natural surroundings. Yet in our rapidly growing and moving cities and fast-paced lifestyles, we can lose sight of this. And that can negatively affect our stress levels, mood, and well-being. Connecting with nature has been proven to have positive effects on our health, performance, and happiness. 

So during the summer season, when we can get outdoors more, we should certainly take advantage of that. Come snowy season here in Canada, it's a lot more difficult to make that connection. That's why at this time of year I love to bring things inside from nature that will be beautiful now, and also last into the long winter months.

Branches are one of the cheapest (possibly free!) and easiest ways to do this. And they're beautiful! Take a drive in the countryside, or check out local nurseries, farmers markets, and patio decor shops to find branches big and small. Bring blooming ones in now for a big impact, and find birch branches or other tree branches that will look good year round. Here are some examples to inspire you. 

Refreshed Designs, photo by Robin Stubbert

Refreshed Designs

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