smart spice and cooking oil organization

I'm big on organizing. The gene was passed down from my Mom, so I can't help it. A Sunday of organizing my kitchen cupboards while dancing around to Top 40 pop tunes is my idea of fun. Go ahead and mock, I don't mind. 

One of the things I love to organize most is the kitchen; since I'm not a naturally inclined cook, the easier I can make any culinary experiences the better.

mason jar spice organization

The multitude of spices, cooking oils, salts and the like drive me crazy when they're not easy to grab right when I need them. So a little while back I pulled out the many mismatched bags, bottles and boxes of spices, oils, vinegars, salt and pepper that were cluttering up my shelves and created two stations for them on the counter. I don't have much cupboard storage but I do actually have a fair amount of counter space, so displaying out in the open is convenient and functional. 

mason jar spice storage and organization

I used chalkboard paint to cover the lids of small mason jars so I could label the spices and change up when needed.

I also gathered my oils and vinegars, along with salt, pepper, and small shaker containers for cinnamon and tumeric (which I often sprinkle over vegetables or into smoothies) onto a reclaimed cedar trivet (available in the Erthe Boutique) beside the stove. 

smart kitchen condiment organization

Same goes for the other side of the stove where I've collected all the spoons and spatulas into a vintage measuring cup. 

smart and simple kitchen tool organization

Now not only are my cooking supplies organized so I can find them easier, I'm living more sustainably because I buy my spices in bulk and then transfer to the mason jars. It saves on a lot of wasteful packaging and is better for the planet.

simple spice jar organization in rustic wood tray

I hope this inspires you to take a little time this week to organize your spices and cooking condiments for a smarter kitchen and a simpler life at home.  

Kelly Anderson

Refreshed Designs

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