Ideas to Declutter your Entertainment Centre

Hands up if you have a TV wall or entertainment centre filled with old VCRs, DVD players, speakers and other components that you no longer use? Yep, me too. And many others as well. I recently cleaned up my own, my parents' and a clients' TV areas to declutter all of those many ugly boxes and cords to simplify the entertainment wall. It makes such a difference in making more space both functionally and visually, which in turn makes us a little calmer all around. 

How to declutter your entertainment centre

With streaming TV services and wireless components, many of the boxes and cords we used to need are no longer a part of our lives. Good riddance! So make it a weekend project to clear out all of the old components, cords, DVDs, CDs and video tapes that may still be hanging around and cluttering your space. 

My client decided to DIY a dresser to hide the few components they still have, thereby getting them out of sight. Nice and clean.  My Mom likes to have a computer constantly connected to her TV so it's easy to watch her beloved British dramas on Netflix. So simplifying to just the TV and laptop on a side table made the space more practical and clean. Selling or donating all of the old electronics and DVD's clears clutter from the house and could give you a little extra cash. 

Using decorative crates, baskets or even vintage luggage to hide components and cords and adding greenery around the TV makes it seem more of a natural part of the room's décor. 

Hanging the TV and mixing it with a gallery wall to blend in is a great idea. 

Hiding remaining components behind closed doors and using a remote and sensor is another smart move. 

Building the TV and components into a shelving display also works well. 

Or making the TV and speakers into an artistic focal point all on their own is another way to go that simplifies the room and still allows for a  great entertainment experience. 

Oh, and while you're cleaning up, make sure to designate a spot for your remote controls - such as in a tray or basket near where you use them. Mine are in a tray on my coffee table. 

One final thing: I highly recommend removing the TV and all the cords, remotes and all that goes with it from your bedroom. We'll get to simplifying the bedroom another week, but even just removing the TV will simplify your life by letting you sleep better and relax more. Take it out, sell it for a little extra cash, clean up your main entertainment wall in your family room, and then sit back, breathe and watch a movie while enjoying your simple life. 

Kelly Anderson

Refreshed Designs

A re-designer focused on natural, sustainable and holistic design.