How to Simplify Family Time

Is the chaos of board games, mismatched decks of cards, tangled gaming equipment, and missing movies, books and magazines making your family time more frustrating than fun? It's wonderful to collect games and other things that encourage family experiences and togetherness, but they can add up to a lot of stuff scattered around the house over the years. So this weekend, take the time to edit, organize and stylishly store all of your games and family entertainment 'stuff' in one easily accessible spot

how to organize your home to simplify family time

First, gather all of your entertainment possessions together, including board games, card games, video games and equipment, and anything else that's used during family time.  Include all movies, books, and magazines that are used in the common area where you and your family hang out together. Go through it all and put aside anything broken, with missing pieces or that just isn't used any longer. Donate all of it, and then get down to organizing what you've got left. 

Carry all of your gear to a spot in your home that can be designated to family play time. It should be comfortable and appropriate for all members of the family - but doesn't have to be it's own space. Perhaps it's around the dining room table or in a basement family room where everyone can sit around a coffee table or ottoman.

You could divide up a large room and make an entertainment zone. Then organize a space for all of the gear to be stored right there so it's close at hand and you can avoid a shouting match trying to find it every Friday night. 

Figure out if you want to keep it out in the open or store it in a cabinet or shelving unit. A combination of drawers or cabinets and baskets is a nice idea. 

Perhaps you have room under the stairs to designate to game storage, along with other entertainment room supplies?

You could think about painting the top of an old table in  a checker board pattern use chalkboard paint so that you can keep score without having to have paper on hand. A shelf underneath keeps games at the ready. 

Use plenty of baskets, bins and even binders to hide and corral things in a neat way that looks stylish and textural. Get rid of useless plastic cases or bulky boxes if you can. 

Maybe hang the board games that you use often on the wall, and then store the pieces needed in glass jars on display.

Turn an old side table or dresser into a game storage console and paint the drawer bottoms with the game boards (or glue them on) and ditch the bulky boxes. 

Organize a tall bookshelf for games and books.

Or a low one along one or two walls.

low storage in family room

Consider shelving around the TV, with hidden video game storage inside ottomans, which also provide extra move-able seating. 

I hope this gives you new ideas to organize and simplify a space in your home where your family can spend meaningful time together without aggravation or clutter. Have fun trying it out this weekend! 

Kelly Anderson

Refreshed Designs

A re-designer focused on natural, sustainable and holistic design.