Live a Simple & Healthy Life by Making Your Bed Every Day

Research suggests that getting into the habit of making your bed each morning helps reduce stress (the state of your bed is the state of your head), gives you a sense of accomplishment (if I can do this I can do anything!) and sets you up to accomplish other good habits (yoga every morning?). If you've read Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project you know she promotes making your bed as one positive step toward a happier life.

Making your bed is a small thing, but if creating a simple, happy life seems insurmountable, this is one easy way to get a little bit closer. 

make your bed every day for a simpler, healthier life

So how to make this little task simple and pleasurable?

First, get down to basics and invest in beautiful and quality bedding. Then decide your "bed style" and don't over-think it. You can check out these "how to make a perfect bed" resources if you'd like to investigate a little further (here, here and here), but really all you need are these five things:

1. White sheets & pillow covers made from non-toxic natural materials. 100% cotton, silk or hemp are good choices. Don't be as concerned with thread count as with what they're made of - natural materials will last longer and keep you healthy, and they'll regulate your body temperature. The simplest colour, of course, is white - white sheets and pillow covers will always go with whatever else is on your bed or in your room, and they are pure and soothing.   

2. A light blanket. I keep a light weave cotton blanket as my second layer after a top sheet year round - it's all I need on hot summer nights and it adds a layer of extra comfort under my duvet when it turns chilly. 

3. A good lightweight duvet. Natural down-filled or other eco-friendly options are best, and remember to choose one that won't be too warm or you'll end up sweating up your nice white cotton sheets and getting no shut-eye. Invest in the right weight for you, and pair it with a cotton cover that feels good against the skin. In the mornings, simply pull the duvet up to the pillows, then fold half-way down the bed for a neat but casual look. 

4. A throw or quilt. Not only does it look great draped over the foot of your bed, it's an extra layer when you need it. 

5. Optional - extra pillows. Some people like this and some don't. If you have two extra pillows get a couple of nice shams for them, and place them behind your regular sleeping pillows when making your bed. Then toss a decorative throw cushion in front. Add a punch of colour and pattern for fun. 

Check out these gorgeous bedding options from small artisan shops (click on photo for source):

Simple as that. Here's some inspiration to get you excited about making your bed. 

 My latest guest room project

My latest guest room project

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