A Natural Mood Board for a Simple Home...and new way of life

Now that I'm back in New Brunswick and settling into my brother's country home on our family woodlot/homestead, I'm ready to make a few refreshes of my own in between client projects. My family is trying something reminiscent of times gone by - sharing accommodations and pitching in cooperatively to live well and simply.

I'm finding it valuable and interesting (now that I'm maybe a little older and wiser?)  to live this kind of multi-generational lifestyle. While it's certainly an adjustment (hello slow/shared internet speed!), it does makes my life easier and full of laughter and love.  My parents' home is just down the driveway, across a field of barns, gardens and hens. I eat most meals with them, thereby sharing food costs (though my Mom still does the lion's share of the cooking).  My brother and his family have moved to Nova Scotia but continue to spend time back here on holidays, long weekends and summer vacations. So I've taken over the main floor (kitchen, dining, living room and master bed and bath) while leaving the top floor bedrooms for my nieces and the finished basement bedrooms for my nephew and my brother and sister-in-law. I'm so grateful to have a space to call my own and at the same time shared with those I love! 

The main floor needs some paint spruce ups after years of walls being beaten up by kids and a dog. So I've put together a mood board that fits the rustic, woodsy style of the house, and the simple, relaxed feel I want it to take on. 

a natural mood board for a simple, natural home

As you can see from this simple photo, I'm basing the refresh on a soft and natural colour palette of woods, whites and creams. My brother is a fantastic builder and left me with gorgeous built-in shelving and a handmade reclaimed wood dining table and benches to work with. To balance the rich wood tones, I'm going to paint the walls a soft neutral grey-beige and trim work will be white. 

modern rustic country house mood board

I find a mood board so important to make sure that everything coordinates with the overall look. A board will instantly elicit a feeling - whether good or bad, warm or cold. Once I feel all warm and fuzzy, I keep the image front and centre during the project, as it helps me stay on track. It's easy to get wooed by something new and sparkly, but if it doesn't go with the board, it's not right for the space. 

I'll keep you updated as I progress with the house. If you need a little help for your own home refresh,  please get in touch. I can provide an e-fresh service that gets you started and makes it much easier! You can check out some examples if you'd like to see more. 

Kelly Anderson

Refreshed Designs

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