How to Stylishly Organize your Home Office

 Easy ways to stylishly organize your home office

An organized home office is one of the keys to being efficient and productive and not side-tracked by the million others things you could do (laundry, Netflix!).

Simplifying and organizing your workspace at home, whether that's a dedicated office or a corner in the living room, will keep you on track and motivated to accomplish your essentials. 

First step:

You'll want to create a system that works for you and your unique needs, such as keeping track of receipts, bills, cards, notebooks and supplies that are necessary but that can clutter up surfaces very quickly and cause angst when they start overflowing or get lost. Getting them out of sight but also knowing that they are in one safe spot waiting for you when you need them will put your mind at ease so you can concentrate on the important stuff. It also reduces visible clutter that can block creativity.

More suggestions: 

Use a drawer or small cabinet to collect all of these things together where you can't see them daily but where you can easily find them when needed. You may want to use a file system or simply boxes or baskets within the cabinet. 

An IKEA chest is in my home office (see the DIY hack here) is designated for all my business and personal financial/day-day stuff. One drawer contains all of my business cards, note cards, tape,  string and everything I need for packaging parcels for orders and printing up invoices and proposals for clients. Another drawer has baskets in it for throwing mail and bills, sorted into two bins: unopened and needs-action. Yet another basket corrals all the receipts I need to save for accounting purposes later.  The third drawer keeps paper, envelopes, paper clips and other general supplies. 

designate a cabinet for home office organization
real-life office with organizational hacks

On top of the cabinet I allocated a small decorative box to hold all of the the cards I get from networking with others in my industry. 

Pretty baskets and antique boxes contain small supplies like paper clips, tacks, elastics, post-it-notes, and thumb drives. 

I also keep a carry-around file box with labelled slots for all of my financial records and things like insurance policies, health records and warranties. It's easy to pull out all of the necessary papers when needed. 

I have a round table in the middle of my office for spreading out when working on client design boards or DIY projects. A tray corrals the essentials. 

One other thing that I've always done is use textured baskets to hold all of my wrapping paper and wallpaper and fabric rolls, as well as all of the catalogues and magazines I need for work. It's a pretty way to have a handy spot for these needed tools.  

organizing a home office
organizing the office in vintage boxes
organizing a home office with vintage jars and trays
pretty filing system for home office
round table with craft supplies
office organization in baskets

Have I convinced you of the merits of an organized (and stylish) offce space? Spend the weekend getting these things organized and you'll have a more productive year, I promise. 

Kelly Anderson

Refreshed Designs

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