Organizing a Small Condo Bathroom

I've been moving into my new little condo which, of course, has a new little bathroom. I like a bathroom that is bright and uncluttered, so as to evoke a sense of calm when getting ready in the mornings. So organizing solutions for all the stuff needed can be tricky.

For tight spaces like these, I love these IKEA hooks that fold up when t in use, so I'm not continually banging into them. Two of them worked well in my bathroom to hang up towels in use. 

And for storage of extra towels, this antique crate that I picked up when I lived in Calgary does the trick nicely. No need to install shelving and mess up my lovely white rental walls this way. 

Facecloths fit nicely on the back of the toilet in a wire basket. 

And make-up and other goodies are in pretty baskets in drawers, ready to pull out when needed. 

Pretty and simple storage completed! On to the next room...

Kelly Anderson

Refreshed Designs

A re-designer focused on natural, sustainable and holistic design.