making a small galley kitchen work

Many of us are faced with small galley or one-wall kitchens in our homes, condos or apartments. There are a few tricks to making the most of a small kitchen space to create an efficient, open and beautiful room.

1. Lighten up. If you have a small enclosed kitchen, go white or light on your cabinets.


2. Or, go open. Opt for open shelving up top instead of cabinets that visually take up space.


3. If you have room on one side, adding a small table allows for more a feeling of more usable space. 


4. Finally, bust out one wall and open it up to living space, adding an island in for extra counter space. 


Could you live small in one of these kitchens? Or maybe you have other tricks? I'd love to hear them!

Kelly Anderson

Refreshed Designs

A re-designer focused on natural, sustainable and holistic design.