creating a sustainable outdoor living space

I'm a big outdoor gal so I love to make the most of any outdoor space I have at home. But big or small, furnishing and decorating an outdoor space can be costly - to the environment and the wallet. Buying a lot of new plastic and steel patio furniture isn't the most sustainable way to create a stylish outdoor room. 

how to create a sustainable outdoor living space

Instead, think about using:

-handmade wooden furniture, or a diy wooden table or bench

- used and vintage furniture that would look great when weathered

-old wicker furniture spray painted a cool colour

-an ugly old kitchen table and with a beautiful tablecloth over it

-camping chairs made chic with colourful pillows and throws

-your own indoor decor and rugs brought outside

 -candles in mason jars or lanterns

-clay pots and baskets for interest

-flowers and greenery as natural decoration

DIY outdoor lighting via 

 my own condo patio with DIY plant pots

my own condo patio with DIY plant pots

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