Top 10 Small Space Hacks

I'm a believer in only living in as much space as you really need. Living small is cozier, environmentally-friendlier, and better for the bank account. Plus it forces you to be organized and have a space that's less stressful and easier to live in. It minimizes time and money spent on cleaning, on decorating and on stressing. Small living is simple living, if you employ some clever storage and space management ideas. 

Here are my top ideas for living well in small spaces based on hacks that I've used and seen:

Top 10 Small Space Hacks

1. Remove walls so that you have an open-space plan. An open airy floor feels much bigger.

2. Keep flooring, wall and ceiling materials consistent throughout your space for a seamless look that tricks the eye into traveling further without stopping. There's nothing worse than chopping an already small space into smaller spaces by changing flooring from entry-to-kitchen-to-living area. 

3. Keep things organized and tidy, starting with the entry. Make use of every inch of space with cabinets, boxes, bins and hooks.

4. Use vertical space for storage and to create interest and a sense of height.

5. Use corner space wisely. You can really fit a lot into a tight corner.

6. Use mirrors and reflective surfaces to bounce light and make the room feel larger. And on that note, make sure you have clean windows that are kept open for maximum light exposure.

7. Turn awkward space into usable areas. Get creative.

8. Don't be afraid to use large pieces of furniture. A couple of large pieces work much better than a lot of small pieces to make a room feel roomier. 

9. Use furniture with open legs so that it feels more airy and less bulky.

10. Make your furniture and rooms do double duty. A desk in the living room can be used for office work and to hold the TV or components. Stools can be used as side tables and extra seating. A trunk can be used for a coffee table and extra storage. A dresser in a dining area is a sideboard plus storage.

I hope you're inspired to live small, and well! Good luck, and please leave a comment on any other tips you might have. I'm living small too, and always looking for new ideas. 

Kelly Anderson

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