Natural & eco-friendly gift wrap ideas

Have you ditched the commercial gift wrap yet? An astonishing estimated 30 million trees are cut down each year just to supply Christmas gift wrap in the US alone. Plus, it's not recyclable and burning it is toxic to our health and the environment. We have the power to stop this and better steward our beautiful planet. It's something that doesn't really inconvenience us because of the simple alternatives. Let's all vow to simplify our gift wrap this year and go sustainable. 

Ready for some simple & natural DIY alternatives? 

simple, natural, sustainable holiday gift wrap ideas
  • Wrap with recycled brown paper bags or other plain brown or white kraft paper.
  • Use gift bags that can be used over and over.  
  • Wrap gifts in pretty fabric or tea towels that the recipient can keep.
  • Use old newspaper with pretty cloth ribbon tied around it. 
  • Keep tags and bows natural and simple by using jute rope or twine and hand-cut tags of recycled paper, wood slices or birch bark. 
  • Add natural festive and decorative touches using a sprig of greenery or a pinecone. 
eco-friendly DIY natural gift wrappring ideas
natural eco-friendly gift wrap with birch bark gift tag
gift wrapping in felt and string - eco-gift wrap
eco-friendly DIY gift wrap ideas
environmentally friendly, natural, simple gift wrap and tags
wood slice tags as natural gift wrap
natural enironmentally friendly gift wrapping ideas

Let's get creative and be smarter this year by giving to our planet as well as our loved ones. 

Kelly Anderson

Refreshed Designs

A re-designer focused on natural, sustainable and holistic design.