5 ways to naturally freshen the air for a healthy home

Have you gotten rid of all the store-bought chemically scented room fresheners and candles in your home yet? They've proven to be harmful to our health by emitting toxins from the fragrance, colourants and paraffin waxes. Not good.

The simplest way to freshen your home is by opening the windows and letting fresh circulate. Adding house plants will also help tremendously by absorbing toxins in the air. However, I still love to enter my home and be greeted by a lovely sweet smell. How to do that naturally?

5 ways to naturally freshen the air in your home

1. Make your own room spray.

My mom always likes to have a room spray in the bathroom, so to stop her from buying the commercial brands, I made her a natural blend by mixing water and rubbing alcohol with lavender + tea tree + orange essential oils. I filled up a couple of repurposed small amber glass bottles with misters so she has one on hand and one pre-filled in the pantry ready to pull out when needed. 

1 Tbsp rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) or vodka
6 Tbsp water
10-40 drops of essential oils

Play around with whatever mix of essential oils you prefer. A vanilla and lavender blend is great for sleeping, orange is energizing, peppermint keeps you focused, and tea tree or clove is good for antibacterial purposes. 

2. Make dried herb sachets.

Place a sachet of dried organic lavender in the entry, bathroom, and bedroom nightstand for a subtle fragrance that promotes relaxation. Or use dried rosemary in an office or within a clothes drawer for an added bit of focus and energy. 

I got my lavender sachets locally, but you can purchase beautiful sachets online here as well. Or grow your own herbs, hang them to dry and then use the dried buds in a small linen cloth pouch tied with string. No sewing necessary. 

3. Make a DIY reed oil diffuser.

All you need is a repurposed ceramic or glass container, wood skewers that you can pick up at the dollar store or grocery store (or here), essential oil (choose your favourite) and some carrying oil like almond, safflower or even olive oil. 

Choose an essential oil combination that you like and let your olfactory senses go to town. 

4. Make your own odour eliminator.

Instead of just masking smells, make a cute little natural odour eliminator for the kitchen or beside the trash can. 

A trusty mason jar with baking soda and 15 drops of lavender essential oil does the trick (or use whatever essential oil is your favourite).  I also included some dried lavender buds as well. 

Instead of securing the jar with the tin cover, swap it for a piece of decorative card stock paper and punch pin holes to release the lovely fragrance and capture the bad ones, where the soda will neutralize them.  A little washi tape around the lid and it makes a great-looking addition to any room. 

5. Simmer water mixed with natural ingredients.

Go really simple by simmering lovely smelling ingredients from your fridge and spice drawer, including dried orange or lemon slices, cinnamon, cloves, rosemary or other herbs and spices. I like to make up a bottle of these little goodies to keep on hand - they're pretty on the shelf and I can just dump a handful into some water on the stove top when I want to give my nose a treat. 

DIY home-made natural fragrance

Note: although not DIY - I also highly recommend investing in a fragrance diffuser that gently mists the air with distilled water and the essential oil of your choice. This one is beautiful. 

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