5 tricks to an organized Summer mudroom or entryway

Summer is an amazing season of outdoor fun, day trips and puddle jumping, but it's also a season of messy entryways.  With essentials like sunscreen, bug spray, beach bags, towels, coolers and flip flops to contend with, it can seem like we have to cross a mine field to get out the door. Our routines change during the summer because of vacations, outdoor play, swimming and camping, so it's understandable that our entryways need to change as well if they are to keep us organized (and sane). 

But changing your entryway to organize for the summer doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, here are 5 easy ideas for turning chaos into order. 

5 tricks to an organized summer entryway

1. Hang a beach bag for each family on a hook (which are cleared of all winter coats, right?) and stock each with a beach towel, sunscreen, bug spray, flip flops and any other personal essentials they need for the summer. They are responsible for putting each item back in the bag so they know where their stuff is all summer long. If you go to the beach (or pool or lake) each person can grab the bag and bring it with them. You'll likely need to restock on the one family bottle of sunscreen throughout the summer anyway, so you may as well buy them all now and have one for each person. Plus, the bags will create a fresh summer look in the entryway. 

2. Hang a multi-hook for wet beach towels. Whether they're from the backyard pool, hot tub or the lake, wet towels will likely be coming to an entryway floor near you this summer. Keep from tripping over them by installing a space saving multi-prong hook specifically for wet towels. 

3. If you have a pool or hot-tub in the yard, bring out a couple of baskets from another area of your home and fill them with extra towels, water goggles, pool toys, etc. so everything has a place. 

4. Pick up an inexpensive mat for the doorway that's washable. It will prevent slips on wet surfaces, and help keep sand from tracking in. 

5. Hang an over-the-door shoe organizer on the inside of a closet door for holding flip flops, sunglasses, flashlights and even books. 

Kelly Anderson

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