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Need a Refresh?

I offer 1:1 design coaching so you can create the lifestyle you want and beautiful spaces that support it.


Quick Design Consult

Sometimes you just need a second opinion to validate your idea or perhaps you need a little guidance to achieve your vision for your space. A quick design consult is an affordable way to get professional design advice that will take the confusion out of paint selection, furniture and decorating choices, and how to make them work together in your home. You'll get the chance to ask any questions you might have about a design decision or about something that's giving you trouble. 

During 1 hr on Google Hangouts or FaceTime (or in person in Fredericton, NB) I'll give you feedback and suggestions, along with the confidence needed to proceed with your project. After our call I'll follow up with an email outlining what we discussed and links to sources, colours and ideas. An hour of coaching is often all it takes to save you money, time and sanity by getting your project right the first time. Why wade through on your own?



Simple Life Design Coaching

If your lifestyle and environment is in need of a refresh so you can live more naturally and simply, let's work together to achieve it.  Personal coaching calls will give you the knowledge, support and accountability you need to live your best life. This may include developing a plan to slow down, ways to transition to a simpler, more natural way of life, and creating environments that will support you in doing so. We'll identify goals, establish the essentials needed to achieve them, and develop a plan to refresh your spaces and your daily habits one step at a time, without overwhelming you. You'll see improvements in health, energy, clarity, serenity and productivity. 

Imagine feeling calm, creative and in control of your spaces and your life. By simplifying and focusing in on the essentials, you'll be able to design a life with intention and make a bigger and lasting contribution.  

$400 for one month (4 one-hour sessions plus unlimited emails during that month)


e-Design Refresh Package

Need a plan to get started on refreshing a room in your home? An e-refresh will give you a professional plan without handing over control and lots of money to a designer. I'll help you create a simple plan to pull together the space you're envisioning. You won't have to worry about colour choice, sourcing, or trying to figure out where the sofa goes.

After seeing your space and chatting with you over Skype or Facetime I'll provide a design board, floor plan, colour selections, material choices, plus instructions and shopping sources so you can implement the plan on your own time frame without any pressure.  I always try to repurpose and reuse furniture and décor that you already own to make it meaningful while also saving you money and leaving a light footprint on the environment. You'll end up with a space you'll love to spend time in and that meets all of your needs, without making costly mistakes the first time around.


*All prices are subject to provincial taxes if in Canada. Local in-house consults available in Fredericton, NB, Canada.

What Happy Clients are Saying


Quick Design Consult

I decided to contact Kelly while I was redoing my living room. After 3 coats of different paint on my walls and a exasperated husband, I knew I needed help in decision making! My wall color was not going to change and I did LOVE it, (BM Mascarpone) but I was purchasing new couch, chair and sideboard and rug and wanted all the colors to flow and create a cozy, welcoming space, I contacted her, she got back to me right away. I sent her photos before with a quick list of my main stumbling blocks so that she was prepared for our skype session in a few days. It was such a relief when she told me what color couch to buy (I would have been waaaay off if left on my own), what to put above my fireplace, what color sideboard (again I was going to go with the wrong color :), and what accents I could use. Armed with this info, I went shopping and knew exactly what I was looking for. The decision making was done and I trusted her! Best of all, she sent me links to websites where I could purchase some of these items or at least see visually what she was seeing in her mind so there was no guessing as to what color "grey" she meant for my couch. My room isn't completed yet as I'm waiting for some furniture to be delivered but I know it's going in the direction that I had envisioned. Thank you Kelly for helping me!! You will be hearing from me again I am sure.


e-Design Refresh Package

Kelly nailed it. She spoke with me and understood the look I was going for, and then gave me all the tools to achieve it on my own. I received a beautiful design board that let me clearly see how all of the different pieces would work together, including wall colour, my own sofa, a new chaise that she recommended and sourced, my current flooring, new fabric for curtains, and accent pillows. The sources she gave me were reasonably priced (and Canadian!), so I had no problem ordering everything very easily. She had a floorplan laid out so that when I had all the pieces I was able to put the room together expertly. So easy, and so well worth this tiny investment that saved me tons of time and money on mistakes! 


Quick Design Consult 

Kelly  was just what we needed. She managed to see the potential of our little space and odd sort of items we treasured, to make them work again after many years of just being "put there". She was 'spot-on' with colour to link everything and 'refreshed' our home beautifully.  She was prompt, professional and on-time. Her fees are absolutely reasonable and I will be hiring her again when we move to the next stage of the renewal of our small home.

Working with Kelly continues to bring me the clarity and confidence I need to move forward with my goals and ambitions in a structured and positive way. Each time we talk I feel much more calm and focused on the essentials I need to accomplish. In the busyness of the days and weeks, I often find myself getting off-course and wasting time on thing that only zap my energy and leave me unfulfilled. Then I have a session with Kelly and she asks me the questions that bring me back to center again. I always have a more productive and enjoyable week when we talk.


Simple Life Design Coaching  

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Need a Refresh?

If you need a refresh but aren't sure exactly what services you're looking for, contact me and we'll figure it out together. I'd be so happy to work with you to create a simple lifestyle and nourishing spaces. I work with anyone around the world (in English) online and also provide in-person design services in Fredericton, NB, Canada. 

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