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Learn how to simplify your spaces so you can thrive. 


Want to gain more peace in 5 days? 

Sign up for my free challenge course to gain calm and peace by simplifying at home and work. You'll receive an email each day over the next 5 days with simple instructions on how you can set up your home, work and habits so that you are much calmer, more productive, and gain back time and serenity each and every day.

Your home should promote your best health & overall wellbeing for you & your family.

If you've been wanting to find more natural, non-toxic ways to clean and freshen your home, I've made it simple for you to get going. 

Check out these simple DIY all-natural cleaning formulas using things already in your home, plus some easy DIY ways to freshen your home without chemicals. 

Don't have time to create a calm, soothing and naturally rejuvinating home? 

That's when you need one the most!

Let me help make it much easier for you.

With an e-design refresh you'll receive a design board that's personalized to work for you in your home, repurposing as much of your own furnishings as possible and sourcing new items when needed, but always within your budget.  You'll get an hour of FaceTime with me to ask all of your questions, plus detailed instructions on DIY, furniture placement and purchasing. 

E-design is very affordable, eliminates the time and headache of trying to design your home yourself, and saves you from making costly mistakes.

Why wait? 

Let me help you turn your space into the beautiful, meaningful, restful home you need and deserve.  

Watch My #simplehomesimplelife in Progress! 

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