creating a casual summer home

I love the idea of an all white summer home. This kind of light, bright and cool cottage feel just makes me want to run around barefoot and swing in hammocks all day.

This home in Denmark shows how white rooms mixed with wood and natural elements can give your home that serene, relaxed feel. You can use the ideas shown here to achieve that casual cottage feel without spending or consuming new products.

  • Give your kitchen cabinets a face-lift by painting them white.
  • Sand down old floors and whitewash them instead of purchasing new.
  • Hang a simple but bold white pendant over your dining table.
  • Drape simple white linen, sheers or even painters canvas to frame windows.
  • Gather summer-ey items like shells, rocks, baskets and turquoise vases to create simple vignettes.
  • Bring in local plants, flowers, branches and even grasses to create an indoor-outdoor feel.

Happy dreaming!

All images by Cristina Olsen via The Guardian 

Kelly Anderson

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