18 March 2014

growing veggies on the patio

My visit to Canada Blooms on the weekend inspired me to expand my patio garden plans. There's nothing more satisfying than growing your own food. Except maybe eating it. Fresh organic produce can't be beat. 

So far I've started basil and mesclun lettuce in my sunny patio window. These are good early growers and good for the window. Next up are more herbs and more varieties of lettuce. Perhaps also peppers and patio cucumbers. Then tomatoes, of course. Tomates love the hot sun, so my south facing patio will be perfect. Maybe add a few flowers for colour and my patio will be pretty darn full! Wonder if I'll still be able to fit a chair out there for reading...

patio vegetable garden
Here are some resources if you too are inspired to sow seeds and create your own container garden:

At the show I came across Urban Harvest - a local company selling organic and untreated seeds. 
A favourite seed company is Veseys Seeds from PEI. 
Some great organic gardening info can be found at Organic Gardening.
Another trusted resource is Canadian Gardening
Of course, the garden guru, Mark Cullen always provides great tips on his blog. 

Such a great way to bring more nature into your daily life, even in an urban condo! What are you growing this year? 


  1. My Basil and Chives are in the kitchen window too....growing like crazy - There's a link party thing on twitter tomorrow night on use of up-cycled items in the garden. I'll be there you should come too! Happy Spring Kelly! http://www.usedeverywhere.com/usedparty-upcycling-for-the-garden/

    1. Thanks Nicole, I'm going to head over there! Happy Spring!


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